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Blaze a Trail into online booking.

Get an edge over the competition with powerful booking tools made by outfitters for outfitters.

Go hunting! We'll do the rest.

Why use Krytter.

Krytter is the first online booking software made by outfitters for outfitters. Other booking engines don't understand the significance of guide ratios, paperwork, licensing and harvest fees.

Our powerful but simple tools will help you save time, stay organized, book more hunts, and most importantly, get paid faster. Krytter will revolutionize how you book your hunts and grow your outfitting business. Get in touch with us and we can get you onboard and blazing forward.
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Professional tools and support.

Booking engine features.

Take advantage of powerful scheduling tools that support flexible hunt dates, custom pricing models, and locations. We will help you build your operation with Krytter, but you always remain in full control.
  • Hunters can check your availability in real time and complete the entire booking process online.
  • Manage hunting parties with hunter-guide ratios and non-hunters.
  • Book and invoice entire groups at once with an organized and easy to use interface.
  • Publish hunts on your website, social media or send by email.

Krytter Is Transforming Guide Outfitting, Learn More!

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You Apply.

We need a few pieces of information to verify that you're a licensed outfitter in British Columbia.

Business Details & Address.

Outfitter License Number & Expiration.

Sign the sales agreement and Terms of Use.

We Set You Up For Free.

We can create your hunts for you in Krytter or you can opt to do it yourself. We're always available for help either way.

Customize your hunts.

set prices and scheduling.

Add extras and locations.

You Grow.

You won't be charged any fees until you make a sale, so there's no risk in giving it a shot and exploring the benefits.

Embed Booking Links on Your Website.

Post Booking Links on Social Media.

Send Booking Links by Email or Text.

Get paid online with auto deposit.

Faster payments.

Getting paid in a big-ticket business like guide outfitting can be a hassle! It's especially true when you're stuck in the stone age of payments, waiting two-four weeks for checks to cross the United States border or even further abroad! Krytter expedites this process and removes the onerous wait time of snail mail cross-border payments.
  • Get better exchange rates, up to 3.0% more than you will from banks.
  • No more chasing down checks or cross-border snail mail. Hunters pay us directly online, or through expedited check services within the US, and then we pay you immediately by auto deposit.
  • Streamlined invoicing, with support for deposits and post hunt fees.
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Hunters can book with credit cards.

Easier payments translate to
more sales.

Guide outfitting operations are viewed as high risk by credit card companies. This makes it difficult for guide outfitters to offer credit cards as an option for online bookings. Services like Stripe or Paypal are notorious for freezing funds because they require collateral for high risk sales. We remove this enormous barrier and pay you directly for your hunts. Hunters can book easily through Krytter with their credit cards and you avoid the burden of collateral.

Never worry about buying licenses and tags again.

Krytter Manages Licensing For You.

It's a lot of work buying licenses for every hunter through B.C. Hunting Online, so take a load off and let us handle it. Rest easy knowing that you'll never have to pester another client for their birthday.
    • Krytter collects all the necessary information from clients.
    • We buy the licenses so you don't have to.
    • We make sure the licenses are in your mailbox on time for the hunt.

    Track all your paperwork in one place.

    Simplify Your Paperwork Online.

    Organized paperwork improves your professional image. Clients will have more trust in your operation when your paperwork is accessible and in good order.
      • Reduce risk by having clients sign online liability waivers.
      • Link hunts to specific policies, equipment lists, and travel instructions.
      • Provide online forms for firearm declarations, CITES & export permits.

      Krytter Is Transforming Guide Outfitting, Learn More!

      Let's Move Forward.